What I Like and Don’t Like About Being a Boy: Thoughts from a group of Grade 4 Boys.

Thanks to our friends at Higher Unlearning

**The following is an excerpt from the Higher Unlearning post ‘Understanding Boys, Understanding Girls‘**


I spoke at a conference in Toronto back in 2012 where my mission was to hang with a group of Grade 4 boys, all day. All. Day. Just me.

No sweat.

These boys from various parts of the city settled in, as their educators then went into their own day session.  A freckled boy with long red hair came by himself and sat down. A young boy then whispered loudly to his small group of fellow classmates at end of the room “Yo, is that a GIRL??”

And there it was, right on time, that train is never late.
Pressures to be a certain way.
Pressures to enforce a certain way of being.

We started out the day talking about how there are rules for people deemed boys and girls to behave and act a certain way…

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