Just Tattoo Her Face on Your Body…

Part of me wants to scream — the other part wants me to thank Chris Brown for ensuring that I have a long career ahead of me (thanks for the job security bro).
If you haven’t yet heard Chris Brown is sporting some new ink. (Makes you think of Ochocino doesn’t it?)

Okay, so there are LOTS of folks exclaiming that it in no way is Rhianna, and that in fact “it’s a MAC cosmetics design of a skull associated with the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead. (see below)”. For me, this puts into question: Does he deserve “the benefit of the doubt”? Have we not put up with his abusive antics long enough? Some of us (cough cough #TeamBreezy) have defended Brown as if he were our hero. Let’s be completely straightforward here: He’s had far too many “chances”. He proved that he didn’t learn a damn thing after viciously beating Rhianna, the partner he supposedly loved; then begging for forgiveness, and getting a light punishment; smashing windows at an interview during an explosion of anger; physically fighting with Drake; continually regards women as bitches and glorifies his beating of Rhianna in his songs:

“Don’t f—k with my old bitch, it’s like a bad fur/ Every industry n—— done had her/ Shook the tree like a pumpkin just to smash her/ B*tch is breaking codes, but I’m the password.”

So none of these behaviors involve any tattoos on his neck. Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure he’s still an abuser who doesn’t see anything wrong with his behaviors even without this new ink of his.

The time to hold him accountable is now. Speak out against his actions, abuse in general, and don’t encourage or give your money to him. Delete his songs from your Ipod and change the station when he comes up on your radio. In other words… #TurnDownChrisBrown











Sacchi Patel, M.S.

Co-Founder MasculinityU


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